Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Brown Drawer

Once there was a woman named Sally. Sally loved to dress up and one day she thought if she could get some new clothes. When she got to the mall she saw thousands of dozens of rows of beautiful clothes to wear. Overjoyed, she picked the best ones with glittery jewels, ones with real animal fur and even ones made of real crocodile skin. When she got to the cashier she layered  the clothes down and looked up, she saw a man wearing a top hat, a black cloak, blue jeans and black shoes. She asked if she could buy these clothes and the man replied, “I’m sorry," he said in a deep voice, "you only have enough money in your investments to buy a house and you signed a contract saying that you would buy a house”. She was very upset so she wrote down the different kinds of clothes she was planning to buy and took it home and looked in her brown drawer for spare money but all she could find were paperclips, stamps, a bottle of iron fillings, test tubes, staples, a stapler, a bottle of chlorine and some glue. She could  not afford to buy clothes that cost $999,999 for the jeweled coat, the $100 animal skin shirt or the $567 crocodile t-shirt. So she lied in bed for hours and hours.  With rage in her heart, she decided to steal the clothes while the mall was closed. So that night she slowly sneaked up to the front door but the front door and windows were made of pixie glass and the door had a code. Then she had an idea, taking the closest cigar she took out the tobacco and scrapped it on the ground so fast it lit on fire. She put the burning tobacco under the door and watched the glass melt. She immediately got in but before she could get in the cashier hit her on the head with a stick so hard she immediately got a brain hemorrhage and died. The next day her mother found out her daughter had died she looked in the brown drawer and saw a check for $4,000,000 so then she said to her dead daughter, “Why didn’t you just pay for it than doing a crime”?