Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bad Luck

Once there was a woman named Kelly. She was living in a small apartment that was 500 years old. She was very lonely because people did not want to live in a place with ghosts, so Kelly normally would take walks with her friend Sarah.

Then one day she made a big mistake. Her father had heart problems so he would put a canister of medication on a table next to Kelly. While Kelly was sleeping, she accidentally knocked over the canister of pills so her father could not get the medication he needed to survive. So that night he had a heart attack and died. The next morning Sarah woke up early to wake up Kelly, but when she got to Kelly’s room she was surprised to see Kelly’s father on the ground with his eyes rolled under his eyelids and Kelly not even noticing. So when she woke Kelly up they called 911 to see what happened. The police said that while Kelly was sleeping she must have had knocked the pills down on the ground where his father could not reach the pills.

The next day they were invited to a backyard funeral and Kelly did not know what to do without her father. That night when she was sleeping she heard a knock on the floor and it sounded like pills spilling so she looked over the bed and saw the pills on the floor. She decided to take them back to the pharmacy but they did not accept them because they already expired. She then threw them away. But that night she heard another plop sound on the floor and again they were the pills. She threw them away angrily and went back to sleep.

The next morning she woke up in an ambulance where the doctors said that she had cardiovascular problems and had a lot of angina and fatigue, and because of the fatigue she overslept when her meeting was going on. She was so mad she took the pills and buried them so she would not hear the plop sound again right on top of where her father died.

Then one Saturday morning she was playing with her daughter in the park and when she looked at her car it had a man in it that looked like her father and before she could run for her car, her father stepped on the gas an drove away leaving Kelly in the dust. So she spent five minutes chasing after her father, but she did not notice that she ran so fast, that she past her car on the way to home. When she got there, she spent a few minutes searching for her car. Before she could look back, she was hit by her own car and she and her daughter were both killed.

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