Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Whisper

One thunder like afternoon a man was called to have a trip to Europe to deliver some spices and cargo by ship. He was just aboard when he heard a whisper on the front deck saying something like another language that he did not understand. So he considered it the wind’s fault and went on carrying the cargo on the ship. A few minutes later he was sailing to the far east of the Atlantic Ocean when he heard the exact same whisper he heard the other time. “This is just some hallucination”, he thought to himself. So he went to the bar to have some wine and vodka. What he did not know was that he left his cell phone on the ledge of the ship’s railing. He had a few drinks, went upstairs and found the cell phone was gone! Surely he did know that the cell phone fell into the ocean and it was water proof but he did not know how to swim. But suddenly he remembered his life jacket and float in the pocket of his bag. So he immediately ran to his cabin till he was stopped by a woman that looked familiar to him. He asked the woman if they may have met each other. She replied, “Yes we have been friends for about 5 years in school”, he then replied “hey, do you want to spend some time in his cabin?”. And the woman said “ sure, I would love to”. So he ran to his cabin till he heard the whisper again, after the whisper faded, he heard a loud scream. Suddenly a big lifeless body of the woman fell right next to his cabin in the fog.

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