Friday, March 4, 2011

Graffiti On The Log

Once there was a fat man whose name was Greg. He had spent 15 years working at his workshop till one day, while he was chopping down the tree he found some graffiti written on it. It said “Greg will pay”. When he saw this he was very calm, "there could be hundreds of different Greg’s in the world", so he continued chopping.

The next day he went to the workshop to find a saw to cut the tree log in half. He found it and started to saw the tree into different items when he heard a man whispering: "Flee this place". When he heard this he got very scared but at the same time wanted to finish the job. But when he started sawing the graffiti part another whisper came, this time it was saying: "Don’t come back here again". Then suddenly he felt short of breath and fled immediately.

The next morning he rented a hotel where he bet he would be safe from ghosts. When he got to his room he saw dirty windows, a muddy rug, a smudged closet door and a messed up bed. He was very disappointed but knew this was better than nothing. He spent 5 days in the hotel till he felt comfortable with his old house, with the fact that he had his wife and kids with him so he went back to his old house. When he got their he started working on his project and saw a card on the log, it said, "Dear Greg: me and the kids are moving to Africa to spent our lives retiring, we will visit you someday. Love, someone." He was surprised to see his wife not even write her name at the end. He thought this was for his own good. He took the letter, put it into his mailbox to ship it to Africa and hoped for the best. The next week he brought his grandson to his house. He left him at the tree to check his mailbox. He got a letter that said, "Look at the tree", so he looked back and saw the tree on the ground with his grandson under the log. He had been flatten right where the graffiti was written.

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